Constant parkour

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Constant parkour

Postby David Bray » Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:38 pm

Ever since beginning parkour I've been unable to seperate myself from the mental state required to do it. When I began, I felt a need to shrug off my conventional thoughts and rules surrounding things: A wall is something to protect me, a road must be walked down, a pathway followed. Now though, in one fell swoop those standard rules are gone and I find my mind constantly thinking what I can do on a surface and when inside, reminicing about the experience I could be having outside.
Last night, coupled with uncomfortable single bed sharing, I hardly got any sleep because my mind was wandering back to a place of joy. Thankfully, late night problems rarely happen.

What are your thoughts on this constant mindset of parkour. I imagine it's quite normal.
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Re: Constant parkour

Postby Dave » Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:04 pm

Yeah, pretty much everyone notices a change of perspective that occurs more or less immediately after your first session. Once someone points out to you all the things you've been missing you can't help but start to notice them all around you, wherever you go. Because they're so new they are also interesting and your mind is naturally drawn to them. You get used to looking at these new parts of the environment you didn't notice before.

Something I only properly realised this week though, is that eventually all of those new things stop being new. In time, after you've moved past the obstacles in a hundred different ways, you're so familiar with all of the pieces of your environment that none of them stand out any more. Just as an average member of the public's mind is aware of the pavement but not drawn to it, so the parkour practitioner's mind becomes aware of the whole environment but not drawn to any particular part.
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Re: Constant parkour

Postby mcquade » Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:44 am

"PK Vision" haha :)

I noticed a change in my view of environments a little while ago. For the most part of the first few years of training I would be drawn to obstacles imagining what movements I could achieve (and quite often going out of my way to try some of them). So much so that I get to know my way around a place by knowing how to get from the "big tree to the blue rails." These days however, it takes some really interesting angles to draw my attention away from attempting to pick up on everything around me. I feel it's because I know I can do (and have done) the movements I used to think of enough that I no longer need to practise them to be able to repeat them on a new obstacle, nor does it excite me to try. I generally concern myself only with where I can and can't go now and it's the questionable places that excite me.

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