My Parkour...

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My Parkour...

Postby supersenior » Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:10 pm

hi peeps! just want to share this you lot... i wrote it when i was bored and slightly frustrated cos it was raining and i cant go out to do parkour...

My Parkour

Most people will look at a tall red brick wall and say it’s just a wall, but to me it’s a beautiful canvas to express the freedom of movement known as Parkour.

I first discovered the art of the freedom of movement when I was inspired by a friend at the age of 14. I see Parkour as a way of life as it’s a gift that every human being possesses, but, most of us just don’t know it or don’t appreciate it. But there again Oscar Wilde once said, “To live is the rarest in the world. Most People only exist, that is all”

My Parkour is a place where I can be free, away from stress, sadness, anger, trouble and conflicts. I create my own world when I sit on the edge of a 15 metres tall building while feeling the loud and fast inspirational drum and base music pumping in my ears and the cool wind hitting my face. I close my eyes and in my mind I carve my own path that I previously ran on.

When I start running, the first vault over two waist high brick walls tend to start the adrenaline surging. I can feel every fast beat of my heart thudding in my chest, my senses must sharpen as my vision blurs every time I leap over an obstacle or jump from one building to another. The sharp gritty surface of the building roof may graze my skin as I do a commando roll when I land, and blood may drip down my skin but I don’t care. I must stay focussed; my mind must be free from fear as any hesitation can determine my death or a serious injury. My muscles contracts as they take the strain when I leap and grab the edge of a five metre tall wall, and my breathing becomes heavier and heavier with every stride I take but as long as the adrenaline rushes in my blood stream anything is possible and painless.

I tend to push myself over my limit. Every time I see a gap that I know is too big for me to jump, I ignore the odds and just go for it. Of course there’s always only one result; its either success or injury. Every time I fall and hurt myself my confidence tend to drop, but, I always get up and remind myself what Lance Armstrong once said; “Pain is temporary and giving up is forever”

Parkour shows me the ways of believing nothing is impossible and never say never. It gives me the confidence to live my life with happiness and to never live in fear.

“Everything in the world in the world is a blank canvas, what you do with is up to you.”

Manuel Gregory Senior.
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Re: My Parkour...

Postby NathNinetyOne » Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:14 am

I don't understand why parkour would make you believe nothing is impossible, Things like this personally really irritate me, the whole "Pain is temporary and Giving up is forever" attitude, to me is ridiculous when brought into parkour. It should be " Pain is Temporary and dying or getting paralysed is forever" I would never go over my limits, for fear of injuring myself and potentially stopping myself from doing further training. Going over your limits is what gives parkour its "Dangerous daredevil stunt/sport" image in the media.

Just My opinion though.
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Re: My Parkour...

Postby Dave » Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:50 am

Yes. Strictly speaking, the philosophy of parkour is the belief that there is always a way forwards, rather than that you can always get somewhere. There are many things that are impossible, but there is always a way to get closer than you are now.
~ Dave

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Re: My Parkour...

Postby Rob-F » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:34 pm

anyhting is possibl if u free yor mind nath!!!111 :(
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