Sometimes We Forget Why We Started The Journey...

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Sometimes We Forget Why We Started The Journey...

Postby Ben » Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:51 pm

I've just been writing an article about something I've been contemplating lately (related to training) and I got really deep into a trail of thought and wanted to share it with you.

Here is a mish-mash of the article, just the relevant bits I wanted to share:

[Talking about training in winter (cold/wet/icy conditions)]
Being out and unable to train normally really does make me miserable - and parkour is supposed to make you happy, so this creates the opposite effect - I don't want to be in a position where I'm dreading having to do a parkour session (as daft as it sounds, I've been like that before) - I want to keep it a positive thing for me. I often find that if something you love makes you unhappy, you need to take a step back and think back to why you started it - then maybe stop it for a while, change the way you do it or try and enjoy it the way it is if you can find reason enough to do so.

There are things in life which are more important than things like training - there's no point me throwing my education away just to get fitter, and there's no point me getting into financial trouble just because I didn't have time to work because I wanted to train. My education is very important to me and I'm not even doing it to get a degree, I'm doing it because I'm passionate about my subjects and I want to learn more about them and become more enlightened about the world of science and technology. What's the point in me putting more effort in to training or running the canoe club?

Parkour is important to me because it helps me deal with life, overcoming obstacles and solving problems, getting to where I want to be - but if I train every day and give up on my education then how am I supposed to get to where I want to be!? Sometimes we forget why we start a journey and get carried away enjoying the ride that we end up not getting to our destination.

You can read the whole article at

A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfactory.
A life without limits on adventure is likely to be short.
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Re: Sometimes We Forget Why We Started The Journey...

Postby dr.havoc » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:41 pm

Ben i totally agree with you (about the education part)

parkour is important to me because with out it i wouldn't have known how to deal with life being able to over come obstacles and solving problems would have been alot harder.

everyday when i wake up

i always feel like i want to train and want to achieve in life

i would never risk my education and what life has to offer because we work so hard for it. i believe that when i know that i have to train to be happy, to keep progressing, to live, to be myself well is when my heart tells me too and even if it rains, snows, thunder etc. There will always be obstacles for different conditions and just knowing that i can achieve my goals everyday if it is parkour, education or life in general i know if what i am doing is right then i will do it. trainning in the rain is meant to be fun :D. i remember the time when me, scott and dave was trainning in a thunder storm in hull, it was fun, when i looked around there was people taking shelter and we was just playing in the rain. but i love all the mental obstacles winter trainning has to offer i know if i keep to my committments and i do well that when it comes to trainning it be worth wild.

i think parkour reminds you what goals are important and tells you to chase them and do well as you possibly can :)

keep improving, love your life and let no obstacle get in your way. Thats what i think everyday
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Re: Sometimes We Forget Why We Started The Journey...

Postby .:fox:. » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:50 pm

i cannot afford to give away my education at my age (13). it is just soo critical that my first priority is education of i will fail, my life will crash, you only live once man. peace.
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Re: Sometimes We Forget Why We Started The Journey...

Postby adamxxx » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:15 pm

i do pk as a way of releasing everything that has been on my mind recently, to push my body and soul over the limits. wen people see me freerun they think im mad or they think its pointless but its a way of releasing the animal inside of me and letting go. ther are no boundaries or restrictions its just you and all my life ive been wanting somthing like pk to come along, its likle pk gave me the green light with my life its a rule free journey and its given me some of the best friends i could want.
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