Advertising Opportunity

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Advertising Opportunity

Postby tristanbacon » Wed May 18, 2011 5:22 pm

Hello all,

I represent The iShop, a student-run online business selling iPhone, iPod, iPad and Blackberry cases and accessories. (
I am currently designing a video commercial for a brand of iPhone cases, and am in need of a talented Traceur/Parkour Artist who would be willing to help out.

The general idea is for the runner to do some parkour, running around an area of Liverpool whilst carrying an iPhone 4 in our Endurance case. The idea is to show that these cases can withstand lots of bumps and scratches. You will be filmed running with the case, and at the end of the commercial, we would show that there is no damage to the iPhone.

The commercial is going to contain an element of humour, which leads me to my next point - if you are able to free-run whilst wearing some kind of funny costume, then you're the person I need! At the moment, I'm not sure what costume it will be, but the idea is to wear something that looks ridiculous, yet does not restrict your ability to move too much.

As of yet, I am deciding whether my marketing budget can accommodate some kind of monetary compensation, but if you're interested either for the money or for the coverage that you will definitely be getting, send me an email at, and we can discuss your ability and perhaps schedule a meet-up to show me your skills.

I need to get this all sorted within the next few weeks, so would be great if I could hear from you sooner rather than later.

Look forward to hearing from you all!

The iShop Managing Director
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