Freelanders Film - Freerunners needed!

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Freelanders Film - Freerunners needed!

Postby JamesRaven » Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:59 am

Hello Liverpool,

I'm currently working on a short film called The Freelanders - It's basically about a fictional group of Urban Activists who believe in freedom of movement. Their method is to throw two darts at a map of the city and draw a thin red line between them - this is their Run Line.

They then have to journey from one dart to the other, from A to B, as the crow flies, following the Run Line. If there is a fence in the way, they will scale it. A wall, they will climb it. A shop, they will run through it, etc,etc.

The film contains alot of philosophy regarding freedom, situationism, creative use of urban space, etc. I have finished some of it, but I need some Freerunners for the action shots. You will need to be 18 or over (for legal reasons). I can't offer pay (apart from expenses - drinks, meals, travel, etc.)- I will send anyone whose interested a copy of the film so far. I'm from Chester, and would like to film in Manchester (where I studied), but other locations could be possible - You can be from anywhere...

The shooting will need, preferably, to be done on the same day (for continuity of light,etc.). I need three Parkour practitioners/Runners of any gender.

Please contact me for more details.
Peas and glove,
James Raven
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Re: Freelanders Film - Freerunners needed!

Postby Liam-Jones » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:57 pm

Might be a bit late but check our forums; it is where you can get in touch with a lot more of the experienced and talented freerunners from Liverpool, The Wirral etc.
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