Parkour Barefoot-training??

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Parkour Barefoot-training??

Postby derrobin » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:13 pm

Hej Traceurs!

I´m very interested in your opinion and your experiences relative to doing Parkour Barefoot!
I watched a few Videos lately and I was amzazed by the smothness an cat-like movements of these Guys.
So I decided to try it out, too in March or April. It is too cold now! ;-)

There are 3 Month to wait. Enough time to collect some information about it!

Another reason is, I do not like Gloves. I my opinion the Body has to adapt on your movements an your behavior so you get into it more naturally.
You feel the environment around and you have much more control about your movements.
So why not transport this idea to the feet??

Pleas share your opinion and be honest! :-)

Greetings and sorry for my bad language! ;-)

Stay focused on what you want and you will be successful!
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Re: Parkour Barefoot-training??

Postby gaz » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:32 pm

I have had some friends that have had a lot of success with barefoot training. A few things to note,
even though it is cold you could start going barefoot a little now and condition your feet. It takes a long time to condition your skin and feet muscles to going barefoot just for jogging so don't expect to be able to "parkour" barefoot for a long time. You may find it's like beginning again completely. Having said that if you have the patience it will undoubtedly do wonders for your touch.
I would definitely advise that whilst you are waiting, you go outside and jog lightly for five minutes or so just to get a feeling. Try not to do more than five minutes as even if it feels ok at the time, you risk damaging your feet or at least having a week off training due to extreme muscle fatigue in your feet. When you do get into barefoot running it's a beautiful feeling, incredibly free.
Let us know how this goes, quite interesting.

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Re: Parkour Barefoot-training??

Postby KAurelius » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:37 am

I've trained in the mountains here in Canada with the vibram five fingers foot gloves they only have a 3mm thick sole and have a LOT of grip. I like them because you get the barefoot feel but you can train longer because they protect your feet but still allow you to develop the muscles in your feet which is half the battle. I haven't used them in an urban environment too much but i would hold off on high jumps onto concrete until your feet are more used to them. Great for cat grabs and tic tacs. Hope that helps :)
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