Bad parkour newspaper articles

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Re: Bad parkour newspaper articles

Postby Luke_Pitt » Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:15 pm

I assume they are implying the natural force of gravity has some form of will or feelings, and that it wants to pull things down, and by moving upwards against it / not moving downwards like it wants you are defying it.

but yeah, pretty silly :)
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Re: Bad parkour newspaper articles

Postby Oldboy » Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:37 am

PositiveResults wrote:
Ben wrote:
Rob-F wrote:Haha, "Gravity defying moves such as the kong vault, running cat and crane" The writers never saw any of this did they?

I hate that phrase. "To defy gravity" makes no fucking sense!!!!

Are people so moronic to have to use this to explain how somebody can perform a jump? As if it's the only explanation - that a person can only jump so far by changing the laws of physics ... nothing to do with natural ability, years of training, leg-strengthening exercises, conditioning, countless practice jumps??

Also how does "defying gravity" work? Is it a matter of running up, leaping into the air, flicking a switch on a remote control in your pocket, then floating off with no downward force, and then flicking it back on slowly in order to return to the ground safely!?

Very funny :D
That is a very good point :)

Surely it be witchcraft, for I did see him run upeth to a high wall and then float up, as if using the power if Satan. I have seen, with my very own eyes, them attend regular trysts where they perform strange rituals in worship of the Devil, sometimes I have even seen them shape shift and move as beasts on all fours. I am in no doubt that these strange folk are non other than Witches in service of the Devil. We must burn them, burn the Witches!
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Re: Bad parkour newspaper articles

Postby Henri » Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:32 pm

Could you be able to upload it to Vimeo?
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