Returning to Parkour after an extensive break.

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Returning to Parkour after an extensive break.

Postby Shibby1423 » Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:08 am

I've been out of the scene for how long? Perhaps 4 years.
I've never stopped hopping about etc. truly, as my younger years has inspired a good 10+ practitioners in my estate in Liverpool - I've always demonstrated or advised as a consequence.
But getting stuck into the scene, no..
Lastnight I made my first attempt with a few other lads who are old-schoolers returning to our passion.

I was standing outside Park Road Gym, waiting for an 'Airborn' Session with a variety of practitioners of disciplines, and by God, the old faces, nicknames.. It was most refreshing.
Not being part of the scene meant the people to associate with were essentially the local boys, potheads, and general civillians.
To be part of a community again of, "Shit man, how the fuck's it going?! *palms, hug*" Was immediately heart warming, a sense of home and comfort.
Practitioners are the best kinds of people. Most spiritually enlightened, motivated and selfless.
Friends who I haven't seen in years... A whole community of friends that were invisible during my time as an ordinary civilian..

Point being, I wonder if others have had the same feelings, or who else is returning into Parkour or freerunning in a new, grown-up body? How has it effected you, how about your perception on movement and why did you come back into it?

I'm a good few inches taller than I used to be, longer arms and legs, but yet my flips were better than ever and after about 6 years of fear of going backwards, I landed a back tuck twice. (My spotter(s) generously moved out the way, but hey. I done it on my own.)
My parkour, I will improve on soon enough, it's just that evening for Gym was the best time for us all to get together and talk about plans.

We are planning media to release showing progression and improvement from our levels of fitness, strength and manoeuvrability as we continue to train and expand in numbers and infrastructure so we can always train.

It would be great to hear similar stories or even for some to join in on the progression videos if your in a similar position, I'm sure I'd feel even more motivated when I'm failing to get the bottle of whatever jump, having seen the progression on others.
It could be beautiful, or it could be a dead thread.

- Shibby
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